About Us

What iD@-Concept Is

iD@-Concept is an organization which promotes the development of innovative projects at an entrepreneurial level. To achieve this purpose, iD@ benefits from both designers' creative work and the industry.

For Businesses: iD@-Concept is an unlimited source of innovation and has both a productive and an industrial nature. It gives the manufacturing sector the chance to have a privileged access to ideas and projects from everywhere in the world. It is a virtual space where small, medium and large enterprises can access the best ideas of original products created anywhere in the world. It is also a space where enterprises can interact with one another. Furthermore, iD@ gives the chance to strengthen links for commercial cooperation, thus offering enterprises the possibility to find product or component manufacturers that can help them improve their competitiveness.

For Designers: iD@-Concept is a platform for designers projects, ideas and portfolios. It gives them the chance to present themselves to international enterprises interested in developing innovative projects. Such ideas or projects show great potential for production and have both an objectual and an architectural nature, which aims at developing the industrial sector.


For iD@-Concept, creative innovation is neither a concept to be managed or accounted, nor the creation of meaningless, expensive and non-eco-friendly forms and products. For iD@, innovation means daily improvement. In other words, innovation corresponds to the ability to create high quality, ergonomic, functional, attractive, eco-friendly and competitive products. Therefore, innovation is what every designer creates and which occupies a precise space in the world. Hence, iD@ emphasizes the continuity (and not the divide) that exists between the world of production and creativity.

The purpose of innovation is to improve what tangibly surrounds people. However, innovation is not exclusively 'men-oriented'. It rather conceives of mankind as a crucial (but not as the only) part of the natural and artificial environment.

Industrial Innovation

A dichotomy between designers and industry exists. Let us explain this statement.Designers always look for an answer to men's questions, although some of these questions have not yet been asked. The industry, instead, tries to protect its economy. For an enterprise, in fact, money represents one of its most important driving forces, as it ensures its life and continuity in the market.

It is thus in the achievement of the aim that such a dichotomy becomes visible. Designers and industry are sometimes two interlocutors that speak two different languages. On the one hand, designers aim at creating better products. On the other hand, industry aims to reduce costs, thus receiving economic benefits which guarantee its longstanding competitiveness in the market. What happens is that, most of the time, the best products are not those we find in the market. Sometimes, the best quality products are not produced because they exceed the enterprise's allocated budget for manufacturing such products, either because their price is not competitive in the market or simply because they do not meet the industrial director's expectations and/or taste.

Industrial innovation aims at bridging the gap between production and creativity interests. Since iD@'s portal promotes the concept of industrial innovation, it substantially looks for a balance between creative a estheticism–intended as an unlimited source of innovation and industrial innovation. In this way, iD@ can help designers achieve their final purpose, which is the development of potentially successful products in the current market of differentiation.

Why Do I Need iD@ If I Am ...

The objective is to support and help all the members of a productive chain, from the creative talent to the final user passing through the manufacturing sector.

Manufacturing Industry

For the manufacturing industry, iD@-Concept represents an unlimited source of creative ideas in line with the industry's performance in its specific, commercial area. Industry often makes use of its creative resources in a very limited way, and it is precisely here that iD@ joins the productive chain of the industry. iD@ offers new possibilities which are not limited to the copy or the reproduction of objects produced somewhere else in the world. iD@ offers new designs which give entrepreneurs the chance to set up a permanent Department of Research and Development open to every kind of designer coming from everywhere in the world. iD@ also gives the opportunity to find - within its community - manufacturers, suppliers and assemblers located everywhere in the world.

iD@ is a touchstone for new enterprises or emergent industries which are seeking to create new projects in line with their specific needs. iD@ is also a referent point for all those new enterprises in search for original projects.

For the Final User
iD@-Concept is a portal where one can observe new projects and include them into her/his general environment. iD@ may represent a gallery full of new possibilities in people's daily lives.

For Designers
iD@-Concept is the most efficient way to approach manufacturing enterprises. It's a great opportunity to promote your talent and work by ensuring the protection of both your intellectual property and professional development.

For Commercial-Oriented Enterprises
iD@-Concept is a gallery of products where commercial-oriented enterprises can find unique creations for their shops. iD@ gives birth to a new source of competition by integrating, to its list of products, new items which can be produce exclusively for commercial enterprises showing some interest in such products.

What Portfolios Are

Designers' portfolios correspond to the graphic representation of completed projects (or projects undertaken) and enterprises' or individuals' earned achievements. The aim of such portfolios is to spread designers' abilities and knowledge.

iD@'s projects are

iD@'s projects are independent projects developed by designers in a free, independent way. Such products have to meet some requirements:

1- Originality: projects must be original and not copies of other projects. In this way, the manufacturing sector can boast of exclusive rights when acquiring rights production from iD@.

2- Exclusiveness: iD@'s projects cannot be either massively or individually submitted somewhere else apart from iD@-Concept. This is done with the aim to protect, on the one hand, the industrial sector's goal to seek for innovative and original projects; on the other hand, to avoid the risk of repeating concepts and projects that have already been developed by other enterprises, which can also cause designers serious legal problems.

3- Anonymity: in order to protect designers' interests and considering how variable their salary rate is everywhere in the world, iD@ does not allow potential clients to estimate projects on the basis of a designer's name or country of origin. This means that iD@ negotiates prices and discusses the project development directly with the enterprise. iD@'s objective is to find and offer the best option both for the enterprise and the project designer.

4- Rights reserved: the designer has to sign or accept a contractual clause, which authorizes iD@-Concept to manage her/his project. This includes the request for project amendments or adjustments. iD@ is in charge of looking for the project producer who offers the best conditions for both the enterprise and the designer.

What is the Function of iD@-Concept?

iD@-Concept seeks to establish an economic and productive contact between the designers and the manufacturing sector. To this end iD@

. creates the largest source of industrial innovation in the world
. finds the best project for the best producer
. tracks the project to final delivery
. looks after the interests of both the designers and the manufacturing sector.

iD@-concept Services

iD@-Concept represents an unlimited source of creative ideas in line with the enterprise's performance in its specific, commercial area.

iD@-Concept aims at creating business relationships between (and not only) its current customers and suppliers. This is one of iD@'s main tasks, since we strongly believe that enterprises can develop new commercial and productive relationships with other enterprises when they share their productive capacity.

Industrial design services
iD@-Concept offers the most professional service for creating and developing concepts and specifications which optimize the function, the value and the appearance of products and systems for the mutual benefit of both users and manufacturers.